Project Pier - Reports and Reminders Plugin

We started using Project Pier at our company. But people quickly became either overwhelmed or forgetful. I decided to write a plugin that allows you to setup reminders for upcoming or overdue tasks. While at it, I decided to create reports in order to keep track of progress. I made everything somewhat customizable because people tend to hate spam. I started off writing a proper plugin, but took a few shortcuts as other priorities picked up. I do plan to maintain and further develop the plugin in the future. Please note, at this time, the plugin has only been tested with ProjectPier 0.86.

Installation Instructions

  1. Extract the contents into the plugins folder.
  2. Enable the Reports plugin in your ProjectPier installation
  3. Setup a cron job script to retrieve %PROJECT_PIER_URL%/index.php?c=reports&a=send_emails, where the %PROJECT_PIER_URL% is your base URL.
    • Note: The URL retrieved is used in the email, so if you set your URL to http://localhost/, your users may not be able to use the links in the email.
  4. Each user must set their own Reports and Reminders preferences. These setting can be found via the My Profile page.


Death By List

My style of task management is decidedly different. I like to see everything at once. I tend to forget entire lists, much less items, so I made a pleasant way for me to manage it all.